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Do you have all types of wool?
Absolutely! Acrylic, Angora, Bamboo, Cashmere, Cotton, Virgin Wool, Linen, Lurex, Mohair, Glitter, Polyester, Silk, Alpaca, Merino Lamb... We have more than 4000 references to respond to all your needs! Easily find on our balaine.yarnshopping.com store, sorting by categories, you 'll also find needles, hooks, canvas, buttons... It is the cheapest yarn online, starting at 0,20€ ! Have a look in our bargain yarns also, and yarn sales !

How to sort and find exactly what I want?
To sort wool and threads, go to the tab 'Yarn', and then click on the criteria on the left of the page. So you can sort by composition, number of needles, colors, etc ... Beware, each criterion is added! If you want to start your search to zero, the best is yet to return to the homepage.

Do you send samples?
Unfortunately not. All our yarn and thread come from our factory in Turkey, we do not have stock in France, and can not financially support sending samples. Similarly, we do not sell units, only packs, which allows us to offer very competitive prices!

Payment solution we have chosen is actually Paypal. It offers maximum protection for the buyer (data security, insurance...), and also allows you to pay simply with credit/debit card if you do not have a Paypal account !

Why is the amount of my order appears in dollars at the payment stage?
As we sell worldwide, the prices of our items are indexed on a dollar basis, and are updated every day according to the rate of the dollar. If you do your shopping in Euros at the time of your payment, total amount will be displayed in U.S. dollars. Paypal is responsible for making the conversion automatically after your payment, and it will appear on your account in euro. In the end, the amount remains the same !

Why shipping costs are high?
Our stock is based in Turkey, and our yarn come directly from there. In the interests of transparency, unlike most shops, we do not impact shipping costs on the price of items, by dangling a "free delivery"... The costs shown are the direct carriers cost. So you have the choice between an expedition 'normal' or 'fast'. To enable you to have your order very quickly we use carriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, enabling speed and reliability you'll enjoy! To compensate these costs, we do our utmost to ensure that the price of our yarn remains the lowest possible!

I can not pay my order
Sometimes the connection with Paypal is a bit slow, and it brings up a blank screen. With a little patience, normally the connection is made in a few (sometimes long) seconds. If this is not the case, send me a mail so that I can re-send the link to make your payment: balaine.laine@gmail.com

Is there a catalog?
No there is no catalog, everything is online on our website (balaine.yarnshopping.com), which allows it to be updated in real time, with news, specials offers...

I am not at home to receive my package
We can not always be home! At its passage, the carrier will leave a notification card in your mailbox, allowing you to contact him to arrange a re-delivery.

Do you have any shops or stores somewhere?
No, in order to maintain the best rates, all our offer is only on the internet, and updated daily!

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Our Terms and Conditions can be found here : http://balaine.yarnshopping.com/en/terms_and_conditions

Balaine Laine, Discount Yarn, more than 6,000 references of yarn are on sale at the lowest prices !

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